introduction of a company

A brief history of the company
Isfahan Industrial Estates Company (Private Joint-Stock) is built in ution of part (t) article 8 < Iran Industrial Estate Company articles of incorporation 
(with reference to establishment law of Iran Industrial Estate Company approved in 1362/12/7  by Islamic Consultative Assembly and amendment dated in 1366/3/11 and approval dated in 1363/3/23 by council of ministers) as a Private Joint-Stock Company and is registered in Isfahan registration office of companies and Industrial Ownership. At the present, Isfahan Industrial Estate Company (Private Joint-Stock) is considered part of following corporations of Small Industries Organization and Iran Industrial Estates. The basic head-office of this company is located in Isfahan.

The company’s activities according to article 6 of the constitution are as follow:
a) Construction of estates and industrial areas in the province and making foundation facilities in each estate to observe the constitution content of Small Industries Organization and Iran Industrial Estates.
b) To accomplish all of the affairs which provide desirable advantage of industrial estate facilities in a self-circulate financial process along with a harmony.
c) To accomplish all of the actions defined and notified for harmonizing industrial estate affairs management with regard to finance, technics, services, and commerce by Iran Industrial Estates.
d) To transfer of the land ownership based on subject laws and exact or profit transfer of the above-mentioned lands, final transfer to volunteers for establishment of authorized industrial units (final transfer of the lands is subjected to presentation of exploitation license). 
e) To provide for public services of the industrial estate including drinking water, electricity, telephone, gas, sewage, leveling the estate’s lands, creating main and secondary roads network, and creating public buildings including clinic, mosque, school, park, storage etc.
f) Participating in other corporations, which are considered necessary for presenting required services for applicants and other estate affairs.

The following cases also considered as purposes with due attention to the new defined assignments:
To provide required basis for starting, leading and developing non-state investments in the Small Industries specially in less developing areas by subset corporations in a Mine and Industries Ministry framework. 
To organize and support making a proper connection among Small, Big and Medium Industries, expanding the networks, industrial clusters and developing the information centers and electronics business for them by subset corporations.
To organize supporting actions for small newly-established industrial units and to provide required tools for supporting risking activities in Small Industries by subset corporations.